Prerequisite Software's
  1. Microsoft Access Engine  Download
  2. Visual C++ Download
  3. Microsoft .Net framework 4.8 Download
  4. Winrar Download
  5. Temaviewer Download
Cotrol Panel Login Login

Payment methods, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litcoin, NANO

Captcha Software's
  1. 2Captcha        Download    Buy 
  2. MegaTypers    Soft 1 Download    Soft 2 Download2  Buy 
  3. Qlink               Soft 1 Download     Soft 2 Download2  Buy  
  4. Protypers        Download   Buy 
  5. Kolotibablo     Download   Buy 

Bitcoin     38o4gkdBweU5MgC2NyVLF2JosCYkxB8Lj7

Litecoin    MR3eZ4tEMxEivSY6byTsYPxX6k2ENJ2Sbn

NANO         nano_1ephggkn9rte6fbdpijs3ecn4b1koi4thobwsjmyzaqg49h9x8ba8ocgrngf

Perfect Money Click Here

1 Month 10 IDs Price 1.5$ 
1 Month 25 IDs Price 3$
6 Months 25 IDs Price 14$
12 Months 25 IDs Price 24$

Send the equivalent amount to any of above address and email your transaction details to below email address and you will get  your panel within 24 hours.

Password for zip file is

Software Requirements:
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Note: If you are using Windows 7 you must update it to Service Pack 1
  • You must install all Prerequisite Software's before you open 2Captcha soft.
    Video Tutorials.
    1. Registering ID's in software. Click here to Watch Video
    2. Note: After you pressed Submit Registration button in the software. You must wait at least 2 minutes.
    3. The software will show you a message upon successful registration.
    4. Working in Software. Click here to Watch Video
    5. Learn, how to Use Auto Captcha feature in software. Click here to Watch Video
    Important notice:

    After registering in Software do not change the passwords of IDs. When you change the passwords authorization will be failed and you cant use these ids in software.